Compatible for Subaru Forester 1998-2002 Complete Adjustable Height Shocks Coilovers Suspension Kit

  • * Fitment: The shock absorbers are compatible for Subaru Forester 1998-2002 1st Generation
  • * High-quality Spring: Front: 9 kg/mm (504lbs/in), Rear: 7kg/mm (392lbs/in); The spring distortion is less than 0.04% under 600,000 times continuously tests
  • * Adjustable Performance: Adjustable ride height (lowering 1''-3''); Adjustable pre-load spring tension
  • * Increased Hardness: Most components of the suspension parts are made from 6061 aluminum with T6 for increased strength and rigidity
  • * Pillow ball top mount: Pillow ball bearing top mounts for camber adjustment are designed to combat noise while tuning and offer greater feed back
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1. Adjustable Height
1. Adjustable Height
Allowing you adjust the whole coilovers to your favorite ride heigt.
Adjustable lower mount allows maximum suspension travel
2. High Quality Components
2. High Quality Components
Camber plates and Collars are made from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum to increase hardness
Pillow ball top mount is designed for improving Steering feel and response
3.Hi-Tensile Performance Spring
3.Hi-Tensile Performance Spring
Under 600,000 times continuously test, the spring distortion is less than 0.04%. With the special surface treatment, the spring durability and performance are highly improved .
4. Twin-tube Construction
Dust boot protects damper seal
4. Twin-tube Construction Dust boot protects damper seal
Dust boot protects damper seal
Twin-tube shock design reduces oil leakage problems
FA Synthetic Shock Oil increase damper performance


Compatible for Subaru Forester (SF) 1998-2002


Top mounts: Pillow ball top mounts
Damping: Not available
Adjustable camber plate: No
Spring rate Front: 9 kg/mm (514 lbs/in)
Spring rate Rear: 7 kg/mm (392 lbs/in)
Spring length Front: 190mm
Spring length Rear: 220mm
Adjustable height: lowering 1-3 inch
Coilover overall length Front: 450mm-520mm
Coilover overall length Rear: 600mm-690mm
Shock type: Twin tube
Spring Preload: 7-10 mm
Color: Golden

Package included

Complete coilover assembly kit for front and rear
A pair wrench for height adjustment


Size: 63*51*21 cm
Weight: 29.52 kg


Lowered height adjustment from 1" - 3" which allow lower center of gravity and also add a more aggressive stance
Twin-Tube structure allows sufficient stroke within the shock absorber.
Complete Suspension Kit of 4 Shock Absorbers & 4 Springs for an easy installation.
Separate height adjustment does not affect damper stroke.
Height can be adjusted with coilovers installed on the vehicle.
High Tensile performance spring - STRESS TESTED OVER 600,000 times while the spring distortion is less than 0.04%. Plus the special surface treatment improves the durability and performance.
Height Adjustment tools included.
Camber plate top mounts help to eliminate the need for a separate camber kit.
Pillow ball top mount - It improves the steering feel and response.
Full rebuildable

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How To Install Forester Coilover on A 1993-2000 Subaru Impreza

Editor’s Note: The install guide was shared by Michael Bailey, a professional mechanic who did awesome projects on his page. He bought a set of MaXpeedingRods coilovers and for Subaru Forester and a 3″ lift for Subaru Impreza. Below is how he install the coilover and 3″ lift on his 1993 Subaru Impreza.

Michael posted on his Instagram

Vehicle Set-Up

1. On a hard level surface measure the ride height of your vehicle at all 4 corners. And record those measurements for future reference.
2. Jack up the vehicle and place securely on the jack stands.
3. Remove all 4 wheels and tires.
4. Disconnect front and rear sway bars if applicable.

Front Strut Removal

1. Unbolt the brake line from the strut.
2. Mark the orientation of the Upper knuckle bolt. This bolt is used for camber setting on your vehicle.
3. Remove Upper and lower strut mounting bolts on the knuckle.
4. Using a pry bar to separate the strut from the knuckle by prying the top of the knuckle towards the outside of the vehicle.
5. Remove the 3 top hat mounting bolts from the strut tower. Do not remove the large center nut. This will allow the compressed spring to come unsecured and will cause bodily harm.
6. Remove strut from the car.
7. Repeat the steps on another front side of the vehicle.
Red set of the coilover

Install The Front Coilover/Spacer

1. Unbox your newly purchased MaXpeedingRods coilovers. Select the appropriate coilover. This can be done by matching them up to the removed front struts.
2. Unscrew the spring tension nut on the bottom of the spring releasing tension from the spring. Then run the nut up to where the nut is contacting the spring and the spring is just contacting the upper spring seat. Measure the length of the spring and continue turning the lower spring tension nut until you have compressed the spring 1/2. Lock the lower spring tension nuts against each other using the supplied spanner.
3. Now install the spacer on top of the coilover top hat and tighten the nuts.
4. With the camber plates facing perpendicular to the vehicle. slide the 3 spacer mounting studs through the strut tower and tight the nuts finger tight.
5. Lift the knuckle into the lower mounting portion on the coilover and insert the two mounting bolts that were removed prior. The camber bolt on top and the straight bolt on the bottom.
6. Turn the camber bolt to the previously marked orientation hold the bolt with a wrench and tighten the nut. Tighten the lower bolt in the same manner.
7. Tighten the spacer nuts to the strut tower.
8. Bolt brake line to coilover on a supplied bracket.

Rear Strut Removal

Take the front strut removal steps for reference as they are pretty much the same.

Michael’ build his car

Install The Rear Coilover/Spacer

1. Unbox your newly purchased MaXpeedingRods coilovers and spacers. Select the appropriate coilover for the side you are working on. This can be done by matching them up to the removed rear struts.
2. Unscrew the spring tension nut on the bottom of the spring releasing tension from the spring. Then run the nut up to where the nut is contacting the spring and the spring is just contacting the upper spring seat. Measure the length of the spring and continue turning the lower spring tension nut until you have compressed the spring 1/2. Lock the lower spring tension nuts against each other using the supplied spanner.
3.Set the overall length of your coilover measure from the top of the top hat to the lower mounting hole to the same length as the previously removed strut.
4. Hold the new spacer up to the bottom of the rear strut tower and orientate the holes approximately 15 degrees clockwise from the existing set of holes and center the large center hole in the spacer on the existing large center hole. Mark the 3 stud locations on the strut tower.
Attention: The coilovers have an offset built-in for tire clearance. Make sure this is offset to put the coilover the farthest inboard on the vehicle for tire clearance.
5. Drill the marked holes to 3/8″ diameter (9.5mm).
6. Install new rear coilover spacer onto rear coilover and tighten the nuts.
7. Insert the new coilover with spacer into the strut tower and run the nuts down on the studs finger tight.
8. Lift the rear knuckle into the lower coilover mount and insert the previously removed bolts.
9. Tight both lower bolts and 3 Upper nuts in the strut tower.

Ride Height Adjustment

1.Reinstall all 4 wheels and tires.
2. Set the vehicle back on the ground.
3. Roll the vehicle at least one complete tire rotation.
4. Check your ride height in the same exact places it was check before at all 4 corners. Record the measurements.
5. If the vehicle is not at the desired ride height that higher than stock, place the vehicle back on the jack stands as previously described.
6. Remove all 4 wheels and tires. Using the supplied spanner loosen the height adjustment nut on the lower strut mount.
7. Using the supplied spacer wrenches. Turn the lower lock nut at the bottom of the spring to turn the coilover assembly in the direction of the desired height correction.
Attention: Height adjustments are not an exact 1:1 ratio. It means if you are 1″ from the desired height, adjusting the coilover 1″ will likely not get you to the exact desired height.
8. Once all height corrections have been made at the 4 corners, reinstall wheels and tires. And repeat steps 1-7 until the desired height is achieved.

Final Inspection

1. Put the vehicle back on jack stands as previously described and remove all 4 wheels and tires.
2. Reconnect front and rear sway bars.
3. Recheck all bolts for tightness.
4. Reinstall wheels and tires.
5. Set the vehicle back on the ground.

Note: Your vehicle will need an alignment after the lift has been installed as altering the height of the vehicle will change alignment settings. Your vehicle may also require additional means of camber adjustment in the rear that is not supplied in this kit.

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