Compatible for Citroen Conrods

Discover engine piston high quality and performance H-beam connecting rods at Maxpeedingrods. All other variables being equal, Our H-beam rods are the strongest design when bending stress is considered. We are providing a huge variety of street performance forged 4340 conrod to ensure that you have every conrods option available to your car. Maxspeedingrods con rods with ARP bolts allows the engine to rev faster and rev higher.

Buy products related to conrods compatible for Citroen car, choose the best fitment connecting rods for your compatible for Citroen series car. Including compatible for Citroen Saxo, compatible for Citroen 2.0L and more!

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  • What is A Connecting Rod?

    A connecting rod is an engine component that transfers motion from the piston to the crankshaft and functions as a lever arm. Connecting rods are commonly made from cast aluminum alloy and are designed to withstand dynamic stresses from combustion and piston movement. H-Beam Connecting Rods are a little bit heavier, stiffer, more rigid and stronger than I-Beam, so they are the priority selection for high horsepower and high cylinder pressures.

  • What Does A Connecting Rod Do?

    A connecting rod links the piston to the crankshaft. The rod itself is rigid. However, on each end are pivot points with bearings where it attaches to the crank and a pin where it attaches to the piston. This allows the piston to continue to move up and down while the rod moves with the rotation of the crankshaft. The connecting rod needs to be strong enough to handle the downward force of the piston during combustion as well as the force against the crankshaft at the rod journal.

  • How To Measure Connecting Rod Length

    An engine connecting rod length is determined by measuring the distance between the center points of the piston pin bore and the crankshaft journal bore.

  • How To Install Connec