For Standard Universal Turbo

Maxpeedingrods universal turbochargers which will increase the users car's power output by 20-40% or more. Ductile Iron QT450-10, the material used for the exhaust housing, is temperature resistant up to 700℃ and K418 Alloy, the material used for the exhaust impeller, has high oxidation resistance & stability (resistance up to 900℃). 

Maxpeedingrods turbo has cast aluminium blades, get your quality universal turbo replacement parts for wide variety of engines from Maxpeedingrods, include for all 2.5L-6.0L engine turbo, for GT3582 turbo, for all 4 or 6 CYL turbo and many turbo kits with affordable prices and one year warranty and express delivery.


GT3076R GT30 GT3037 Turbocharger 500HP Turbo External Wastegate Water Cooled

$150.00 $169.00

T3 T4 Turbo .63 A/R Oil Hybrid V Band Universal Turbocharger for 4 6 Cyl tcd

$133.00 $149.00

GT45 T4 V-Band 1.05 A/R 98mm Huge 600+HPs Boost Turbocharger