Compatible for Opel Turbo

A turbocharger is a simple, relatively affordable, extra bit of kit that can get more power from the same engine! It for engine parts is essential, the turbo on a car applies a very similar principle to a piston engine. It uses the exhaust gas to drive a turbine. This spins an air compressor that pushes extra air (and oxygen) into the cylinders, allowing them to burn more fuel each second.

Replacing your compatible for Opel car's with Maxpeedingrods turbocharger to enhance overall engine performance, here are compatible for Opel GT L850, compatible for Opel Insignia, compatible for Opel Astra, etc for your selection.

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  • What is A Turbocharger?

    A turbocharger(turbo)is a turbine-driven forced induction device that increases an internal combustion engine’s efficiency and power output by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber. When a turbocharger brings more air into the chamber, it gets mixed with more fuel, yielding more power as a result. In reality, the turbo doesn’t really get “extra air” into the engine, it actually compresses the air, which means there are more molecules being packed into the same space.

  • How Does a Turbocharger Work?

    The most basic observation we can make about a turbocharger is that it is made up of two main sections: the turbine and the compressor.The turbine consists of the turbine wheel and the turbine housing. As your engine is running it creates exhaust gasses, these exhaust gasses would otherwise be wasted, but on a turbocharged engine, these hot and fast-moving gasses are used to drive the turbine wheel. On the other side, it is the compressor. The compressor also consists of two parts: the compressor wheeland the compressor housing. The compressor wheel has a fixed connection to the turbine wheel via a common shaft. When you spin the turbine wheel, you also spin the compressor wheel