Compatible for Nissan s14 coilovers Spring Golden 1995-1998 Racing Damper 240sx coilovers Adjustable

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for S14 Silvia 1994-1998 (Japan Market)
for S14 200SX BASE MODEL/ LE 1994-1998 (Europe / Australia/ New Zealand Market)
for S14 240SX BASE MODEL/ LE/SE 1995-1998 (USA Market)
Note: Don't compatible for Nissan 200SX SE /SE-R


Top mounts: pillow ball top mount with camber plate front, standard rubber top mount rear
Damping: 24 levels rebound damping adjustable
Spring rate Front: 8 kg/mm (448 lbs/in)
Spring rate Rear: 6 kg/mm (336 lbs/in)
Spring length Front: 180mm
Spring length Rear: 255mm
Adjustable height: lowering 1-3 inch
Coilover overall length Front: 420mm-470mm
Coilover overall length Rear: 550mm-700mm
Shock type: Twin tube.
Spring Preload: 7-10 mm.
Color: gold.

Package included

product included: complete coilovers 2 front and 2 rear,a pair wrench for height adjustment.


Gross weight: 26.06kg
Package size: 71*51*21cm


1. Lowered height adjustment from 1" - 3" which allow lower center of gravity and also add a more aggressive stance.
2.Camber plate top mounts help to eliminate the need for a separate camber kit.(Only Front)
3.Pillow ball top mount - It improves the steering feel and response.(Only Front )
4. Rubber top mounts help to deliver a smooth and forgiving ride for city use at any speed and rubber joints assist in absorbing hard impacts. (Only Rear)
5. Twin-Tube structure allows sufficient stroke within the shock absorber.
6. Complete Suspension Kit of 4 Shock Absorbers & 4 Springs for an easy installation.
7. Separate height adjustment does not affect damper stroke.
8. Height can be adjusted with coilovers installed on the vehicle.
9. High Tensile performance spring - STRESS TESTED OVER 600,000 times while the spring distortion is less than 0.04%. Plus the special surface treatment improves the durability and performance.
10. Height Adjustment tools included.
11. Full rebuildable.
12.A 24 rebound dampening adjustment level allows you the ability to perfectly dial in your coilover setup. You will experience better ride quality in all road conditions.

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Review: MaXpeedingRods Coilover For Nissan Silvia S14

Editor’s Note: This article is kindly shared by Levente, the Youtuber LEVIHOOLIGAN. He is a mechanic as well as the head of a JDM car-related team, called Team WildSide. He just installed a set of MaXpeedingRods 24 ways adjustable coilover on his Nissan Silvia S14. Besides, he filmed a video to review the coilover and tell his story with MaXpeedingRods. You should definitely check his video.

Levente has built many drift cars, and also street use tuning cars. This is not the first time that he uses the MaXpeedingRods product. But when he got the coilover from MaXpeedingRods, he felt it necessary to say something. Below is what he wants to express.

I have used MaXpeedingRods products before such coilovers and parts for a popular Skyline mod, the HICAS delete kit. I was satisfied but never really got into deeper details about the stuff we got from MaXpeedingRods. But now, after I used this amount of MaXpeedingRods products I can say that I don’t know any other company that makes this good quality product in a wide range for this good price. I have a pro-am category drift car and if I would not have a suspension set for it, I would definitely buy a MaXpeedingRods set for it because I am impressed.

Levente‘s daily drive

How did the story begin? I would say it’s coincident but doomed. A friend of mine recommended their adjustable coilover to me and told me that I can make a video to test and review it. I thought, why not?

A week later, I got the package with a brand new set of coilover for S14 Silvia. I unboxed the package and took a very close look at the product because I have not done it yet before. As I said before I was impressed because, at the first sight, it looked like a high-end coilover set from a big named brand with expensive products. I checked all the functions on the coilover, like the stiffness adjustment screw and the top bolts on the camber plate and so on. Everything looked fancy, so I put in the new set of MaXpeedingRods coilover into our S14 Silvia. This is a very easy mod, that you can do for yourself if you have some tools and a proper jack stand. Let me show you how to do that. 

Install the front coilover

  • First, you need to jack up the car safely or put it on a professional lift.
  • There are two parts that are attached to a Silvia factory front shock absorber, an ABS cable holder, and the brake line holder.
  • You need to remove the clamp that keeps the brake line to the holder, so you can put the brake line away from the shock.
  • After the brake line, you need to remove the bolt at the ABS cable holder, it is a 12mm bolt and usually stuck in because of the rust, so you better put some anti-rust spray on it before.
  • The shock is clear now, nothing is attached to it. You need to remove the two bolts that hold the whole shock and knuckle together. After you removed everything there the shock can move free.
  • The only thing that remains is to remove the three bolts at the tower with a 14mm bolt.
  • After removing the three bolts you can get the shock absorber out of the car.
  • Putting back together is very easy, you have to do all this just in reverse.

Install the rear coilover

  • You have to remove the under bolt that holds the shock to the rear knuckle with a 19mm bolt and it can move freely now.
  • For the upper bolts, you have to remove the hat holder at the back of the car and there will be two 12mm bolts.
  • After removing these two bolts the shock can fall down on the ground, it about a 20cm fall, so none can hurt or something.
  • After getting out of the car, you can remove the rear shock safe, and put the coilover in.

This is how easy install is. After putting it all back together, go for a test drive, set the proper height and camber for your use and enjoy the ride.

I loved to work with this coilover set for my S14 Silvia, and I am very satisfied with it. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to lower their car, and wants more than just a lowering spring, and wants a comfortable but sporty suspension for their car for an affordable price.

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