for Subaru Forester Impreza WRX 2.0L TD04L-13T Turbocharger Turbo 14412-AA360

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                     For Subaru Forester XT Impreza WRX-NB 2.0L 58T TD04L-13T-6 Turbo Turbocharger

MakeModelEngineEngine codeYearTurbo ModelTurbo Part No.OEM Part No.
For SubaruForester XT Models 2.0L58T1998-2003TD04L-13T-649377-04300
14412-AA360, 14412-AA140, 14412-AA151
Impreza 2.0L58T1998-2003
Impreza WRX-NB2.0L 2000-
 Features * Condition: 100% Brand New
 * Bearing Type: Journal Bearing
 * Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture above
 Notice * Please confirm your old turbo part number matches up with one of the part numbers above
 * Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)
 * For some vehicles, modifications is required.

For Subaru Impreza
The For Subaru Impreza is a compact automobile, manufactured since 1992 by For Subaru—the automobile division of Japanese transportation

conglomerate, Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI). For Subaru introduced the Impreza as a replacement for the Leone, with the Leone's EA series

engines replaced by the newer EJ series versions.Now in its fourth generation, For Subaru has offered four-door sedan and five-door hatchback

body variants since 1992; the firm also offered a coupe from 1995 for the first generation only.


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Year Make Model Submodel Variant Trim Engine
2007SubaruForesterSG [2002-2008] SUV2457ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
2006SubaruForesterSG [2002-2008] SUV2457ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
2005SubaruForesterSG [2002-2008] SUV2457ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
2004SubaruForesterSG [2002-2008] SUV2457ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
2003SubaruForesterSG [2002-2008] SUV2457ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
2000SubaruImprezaGC [1992-2000] Saloon1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
2000SubaruImprezaGF [1992-2000] Estate1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
2000SubaruImprezaGFC [1993-2000] Coupe1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1999SubaruImprezaGC [1992-2000] Saloon1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1999SubaruImprezaGF [1992-2000] Estate1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1999SubaruImprezaGFC [1993-2000] Coupe1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1998SubaruImprezaGC [1992-2000] Saloon1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1998SubaruImprezaGF [1992-2000] Estate1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1998SubaruImprezaGFC [1993-2000] Coupe1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1997SubaruImprezaGC [1992-2000] Saloon1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1997SubaruImprezaGF [1992-2000] Estate1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1997SubaruImprezaGFC [1993-2000] Coupe1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1996SubaruImprezaGC [1992-2000] Saloon1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1996SubaruImprezaGF [1992-2000] Estate1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1996SubaruImprezaGFC [1993-2000] Coupe1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1995SubaruImprezaGC [1992-2000] Saloon1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1995SubaruImprezaGF [1992-2000] Estate1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1994SubaruImprezaGC [1992-2000] Saloon1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
1994SubaruImprezaGF [1992-2000] Estate1994ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)