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Self Adjusting Clutch Alignment Setting Tool Kit Universal SAC 38PCS CAC

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Suitable for most cars and light commercial vehicles. 



Necessary For Pre-Tensioning Self Adjusting Clutches Before Removal Or Installation
Prevents Plate Distortion Which May Prevent The Clutch From Disengaging Or Cause Dragging
Features A Refitting Tool, Allowing The Clutch Adjuster To Be Wound Back, And Six Alignment Adapters

 Supplied In Carry-Case with:

  •  Main Clamp
  •  Spigot Adaptors: Ø15/23, Ø15/28, Ø15/34, Ø21/23, Ø20/23, Ø14/15/20mm
  •  Assembly Flywheel Threads: Ø6x1.00, Ø7x1.00, Ø8x1.25mm
  •  4 X Screw Mounting Pin
  •  Stepped Adaptor
  •  Flywheel Locking Tool



Suitable for 3 and 4 hole pitch.

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