STARTER MOTOR for MERCEDES-BENZ Viano W638 W639 220CDI 0041518901 APPK

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For MERCEDES C-Class W202, W203 - Mot. 200CDI, 220CDI, 250D, 250TD (75PS, 88PS, 95PS, 102PS, 113PS, 125PS, 136PS, 143PS, 150PS)
For MERCEDES CLK C209 - Mot. 220CDI (150PS)
For MERCEDES E-Class W124, W210, S210, W211, S211 - Mot. 200CDI, 220CDI, 250D, 250TD (75PS, 88PS, 95PS, 102PS, 113PS, 116PS, 125PS, 136PS, 143PS, 150PS)
For MERCEDES V-Class 638 - Mot. 2.3TD, 200CDI, 220CDI (98PS, 102PS, 122PS)
For MERCEDES Sprinter 901, 902, 903, 904, 906 - Mot. 2.3D, 2.3TD, 2.9D, 200CDI, 220CDI (79PS, 82PS, 88PS, 102PS, 109PS, 122PS, 129PS)
For MERCEDES Vario - 2.9D (122PS)
For MERCEDES Viano W639 - 220CDI (109PS, 116PS, 150PS)
For MERCEDES Vito W638 - Mot. 2.3D, 2.3TD, 220CDI (79PS, 82PS, 98PS, 102PS, 122PS)
For MERCEDES Vito W639 - 220CDI (88PS, 109PS, 116PS, 150PS)



Voltage [V]: 12
Nominal power [KW]: 2.2
Teeth: 10/11/12
Number of mounting holes: 2
Number of tapped holes: 2
Flange Ø [MM]: 82.5
Contacts: B + (M8), 50 (M6)
Direction of rotation: clockwise
Packing size [pieces]: 1
Note: Pinion of the starter may vary

Starter type: PLGR

0041518901, A0041518901, 0041519201, A0041519201, 0041519701,
A0041519701, 0051511301, A0051511301, 0051516601, A0051516601,
0071518901, A0071518901, 0071519201, A0071519201
0001109014, 0001109036, 0001109250, 0001110036, 0986017260
0 986 017 260, 111851, DRS7260, DRS7260N, CS1044, 8EA011610-001
8EA011610001, 8EA737293-001, 8EA737293001, 432644, 455720
726008, 726808, D7R19, D7R28, D7R281, D7R43, D7R46, D7RP123

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