Cylinder Head Service Valve Spring Compressor Removal Installer CAC

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For Audi (4 and 5 cylinder)

For BMW For  Chevrolet For  Chrysler For  Ford For  GMC For  Honda For  Hyundai For  Infiniti

For Lexus For  Lincoln For  Mazda For  Mitsubishi For  Nissan For  Porsche (924, 928) For Saturn For  Toyota For  Volvo For  VW For  Volkswagen (4, 5, 6 cylinder)

Most other engines with accessible valve springs.


Set includes:

1 compressed air connection rigidly to screw into the spark plug threads M14 or M18

1 compressed air connection hose, flexible to screw into the spark plug threads M14 or M18, length 310 mm

1 Diesel Injector Adapter M24

4 compressed air connection fittings for the most common compressed air systems

Round rod for low-holder, length 515 mm, diameter 15 mm

Traverses Holder for a round rod with 7 positioning holes

Valve spring pressure pad, diameter 22 mm, length 134 mm

Pressure lever to tighten the valve springs with 5 positioning holes

Mounting screws and pins

Magnetic tools for assembly and disassembly of the valve keys, length 210 mm

2 valve stem seal pliers: Straight pliers, length 270 mm and Curved pliers, length 270 mm

Mounting adapter in diameters 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 11.4 mm, M16 knurled

Female extension 130 mm for deep-seated valves

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