Hydraulic Roller Lifters + Link Bar Small Block Fit Chevy SBC 350 265 - 400 V8

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Chevy Chevrolet SBC V8 350 265-400 283 327 302 307 Hydraulic Roller Lifter

 Fit for

 Chevrolet small block 265 1955-1957 4.3L

 Chevrolet small block 283 1957-1967 4.6L

 Chevrolet small block 327 1962-1969 5.4L

 Chevrolet small block 350 1967-2003 5.7L

 Chevrolet small block 302 1967-1969 4.9L

 Chevrolet small block 307 1968-1973 5.0L

 Chevrolet small block 400 1970-1981 6.6L

 Lifter Link Bars Included


 Lifter Outside Diameter (in)

 0.8425 in.

 Lifter Style

 Hydraulic roller

 Link Bar



 Sold as a set of 8 pairs as shown


 * Retro-fit for non-roller blocks.

 * No instruction included; professional installation is suggested.


 * 100% brand new

 * High performance aftermarket products made in our own lifters factory with

 more than 10 years experience

 * A fast and affordable way to easily upgrade your car's appearance 


 * CNC Machined for Maximum Accuracy

 * Forged, Heat Treated Chrome Alloy Steel Body for High Strength

 * Precision Machined and Heat Treated Internal Components




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1992ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5001ccm 173HP 127KW (Petrol)
1992ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5001ccm 208HP 153KW (Petrol)
1991ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe3135ccm 141HP 104KW (Petrol)
1991ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5001ccm 173HP 127KW (Petrol)
1991ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5001ccm 208HP 153KW (Petrol)
1990ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe3135ccm 141HP 104KW (Petrol)
1990ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5001ccm 173HP 127KW (Petrol)
1990ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5001ccm 208HP 153KW (Petrol)
1989ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe2838ccm 137HP 101KW (Petrol)
1989ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe3135ccm 141HP 104KW (Petrol)
1989ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5001ccm 173HP 127KW (Petrol)
1989ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5001ccm 213HP 157KW (Petrol)
1989ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5733ccm 247HP 182KW (Petrol)
1988ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe2838ccm 137HP 101KW (Petrol)
1988ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5001ccm 173HP 127KW (Petrol)
1988ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5001ccm 213HP 157KW (Petrol)
1988ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5733ccm 247HP 182KW (Petrol)
1987ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe2838ccm 137HP 101KW (Petrol)
1987ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5001ccm 173HP 127KW (Petrol)
1987ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5001ccm 213HP 157KW (Petrol)
1987ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5733ccm 247HP 182KW (Petrol)
1986ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe2471ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
1986ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe2838ccm 103HP 76KW (Petrol)
1986ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe2838ccm 137HP 101KW (Petrol)
1986ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5001ccm 213HP 157KW (Petrol)
1986ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe5733ccm 247HP 182KW (Petrol)
1985ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe2471ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
1985ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe2838ccm 103HP 76KW (Petrol)
1985ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe2838ccm 137HP 101KW (Petrol)
1984ChevroletCamaroFP_ [1981-1992] Coupe2471ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)