For Buick Allure V6 3.6L 3.8L 2005-2006 Set of 3 New Ignition Coil Pack

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2005-2006 Allure V6 3.6L 3.8L
1986-2005 Century V6 2.2L 2.5L 2.8L 3.3L 3.8L
1986-1990 Electra V6 3.8L
2005-2006 LaCrosse V6 3.6L/3.8L
1986-2005 LeSabre V6 3.8L
1991-2005 Park Avenue V6 3.8L
1988-1991 Reatta V6 3.8L
1988-2004 Regal V6 2.8L 3.1L 3.8L
2002-2005 Rendezvous V6 3.4L 3.6L
1986-1999 Riviera V6 3.8L
1987-1989 Skyhawk 2.0L
1986-1998 Skylark V6 2.5L 3.0L 3.1L 3.3L
1986-1987 Somerset V6 2.5L 3.0L
1985 Somerset Regal V6 3.0L
2005 Terraza v6 3.5L
1993 Allante V8 4.6L
1987-1988 Cimarron V6 2.8L
1994-1999 DeVille V8 4.6L
1993-1999 Eldorado V8 4.6L
1987-1996 Seville V8 4.6L
1987-1996 Beretta V6 2.2L 2.4L 3.1L
1993-2002 Camaro V6 3.4L 3.8L
1987-2002 Cavalier V6 2.2L 2.8L 3.1L
1987-1990 Celebrity V6 2.5L 2.8L
1987-1996 Corsica V6 2.2L 2.8L 3.1L
1990-1995 Corvette V8 5.7L
2001-2002 Impala V6 3.4L 3.8L
1994-1995 LLV 2.2L
1990-2001 Lumina V6 2.5L 3.1L 3.4L 3.8L
1992-1996 Lumina APV V6 3.4L 3.8L
1997-1999 Malibu V6 3.1L
1995-2002 Monte Carlo V6 3.1L 3.4L 3.8L
1997-2004 Venture V6 3.4L
For GMC:
1994-2003 Sonoma V6 3.4L
For Honda:
1994-1995 Passport V6 3.2L
1996-2000 Hombre L4 2.2L
1991-1992 Impulse TURBO /L4 1.6L
1993-1996 Rodeo V6 3.2L
1992-1995 Trooper V6 3.2L
For Oldsmobile:
1986-1996 For Oldsmobile 98 V6 3.8L
1992-1998 Achieva V6 3.1L 3.3L
1999-2002 Alero V6 3.4L
1995-1999 Aurora V8 4.0L
1987 Calais 2.5L
1997-1999 Cutlass V6 3.1L
1988-1991 Cutlass Calais 2.5L/ V6 3.3L
1986-1996 Cutlass Ciera 2.2L 2.5L /V6 2.5L 2.8L 3.3L 3.8L
1987-1994 Cutlass Cruiser 2.5L/ V6 2.8L 3.8L
1986-1987 Cutlass Salon V6 3.8L
1988-1997 Cutlass Supreme V6 2.8L 3.1L 3.4L
1986-1988 Delta 88 V6 3.8L
1987-1988 Firenza V6 2.0L
1998-1999 Intrigue V6 3.8L
1997-1998 Regency V6 3.8L
1992-2004 Silhouette V6 3.4L 3.8L
1986-1992 Toronado V6 3.8L
For Pontiac:
1987-1991 6000 2.5L V6 2.8L 3.1L
2001-2005 Aztek V6 3.4L
1987-2005 Bonneville V6 3.8L
1987-1988 Fiero 2.5 V6 2.8L
1993-2002 Firebird V6 3.4L 3.8L
1987-2005 Grand Am 2.5L V6 3.1L 3.3L 3.4L
1988-2008 Grand Prix V6 2.8L 3.1L 3.4L 3.8L
2000-2005 Montana V6 3.4L
1991-1993 Sunbird V6 3.1L
1995-2001 Sunfire 2.2L
1988-1989 Tempest V6 2.8L
1992-1999 Trans Sport V6 3.4L 3.8L

OEM Number

10467067, 10468391, 10472401, 10477602, 10482928, 10495121, 10497771, 1103646, 1103662


- Increased Ignition Performance --- High voltage output and spark energy
- Improved Combustion
- Improved throttle response and smoothness
- No spark blowout at higher boost
- Direct fit for factory mountings
- Solid construction
- Quantity : 3x Ignition Coils


No instruction included; professional installation suggested.
For any needs please contact us.

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