For Smart Fortwo MK1 (W450) 0.8L I3 1998-2007 KP31 Replacement Turbo Cartridge

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                      Smart Fortwo MK1 (W450) 0.8L I3 1998-2007 KP31 Replacement Turbo Cartridge


Car Make

Car Model




Turbo Model

Car OEM No.

Part No.



MK1 (W450)

0.8L I3










 * Condition: 100% Brand New&Factory Balanced

 * Bearing Type: Journal Bearing

 * Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture above


 * Please confirm your old turbo part number matches up with one of the part numbers above

 * Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)

 * It is for repairing or rebuilding the complete turbo


Smart Fortwo History
The Smart Fortwo is a rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive, two-passenger, two-door city car manufactured and marketed by the Smart division of

Daimler AG, introduced in 1998, now transitioning into its third generation. Marketed in 46 countries—in Asia, North and South America,

Africa, Australia and Europe—production of the Fortwo had surpassed 1.6 million units by mid-2013.


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Year Make Model Submodel Variant Trim Engine
2015SmartFortwo Cabrio451 [2007-2015] Convertible799ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2014SmartFortwo451 [2007-2015] Coupe799ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2014SmartFortwo Cabrio451 [2007-2015] Convertible799ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2013SmartFortwo451 [2007-2015] Coupe799ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2013SmartFortwo Cabrio451 [2007-2015] Convertible799ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2012SmartFortwo451 [2007-2015] Coupe799ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2012SmartFortwo Cabrio451 [2007-2015] Convertible799ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2011SmartFortwo451 [2007-2015] Coupe799ccm 45HP 33KW (Diesel)
2011SmartFortwo451 [2007-2015] Coupe799ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2011SmartFortwo Cabrio451 [2007-2015] Convertible799ccm 45HP 33KW (Diesel)
2011SmartFortwo Cabrio451 [2007-2015] Convertible799ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2010SmartFortwo451 [2007-2015] Coupe799ccm 45HP 33KW (Diesel)
2010SmartFortwo451 [2007-2015] Coupe799ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2010SmartFortwo Cabrio451 [2007-2015] Convertible799ccm 45HP 33KW (Diesel)
2010SmartFortwo Cabrio451 [2007-2015] Convertible799ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2009SmartFortwo451 [2007-2015] Coupe799ccm 45HP 33KW (Diesel)
2009SmartFortwo451 [2007-2015] Coupe799ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2009SmartFortwo Cabrio451 [2007-2015] Convertible799ccm 45HP 33KW (Diesel)
2009SmartFortwo Cabrio451 [2007-2015] Convertible799ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2008SmartFortwo451 [2007-2015] Coupe799ccm 45HP 33KW (Diesel)
2008SmartFortwo Cabrio451 [2007-2015] Convertible799ccm 45HP 33KW (Diesel)
2008SmartFortwo Cabrio451 [2007-2015] Convertible799ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2007SmartFortwo450 [2004-2007] Coupe799ccm 41HP 30KW (Diesel)
2007SmartFortwo451 [2007-2015] Coupe799ccm 45HP 33KW (Diesel)
2007SmartFortwo Cabrio450 [2004-2007] Convertible799ccm 41HP 30KW (Diesel)
2007SmartFortwo Cabrio451 [2007-2015] Convertible799ccm 45HP 33KW (Diesel)
2006SmartFortwo450 [2004-2007] Coupe799ccm 41HP 30KW (Diesel)
2006SmartFortwo Cabrio450 [2004-2007] Convertible799ccm 41HP 30KW (Diesel)
2005SmartFortwo450 [2004-2007] Coupe799ccm 41HP 30KW (Diesel)
2005SmartFortwo Cabrio450 [2004-2007] Convertible799ccm 41HP 30KW (Diesel)