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For 1997-2002 Ford Expedition 2WD Rear Air Ride Suspension Air Spring

  • Product Code: SB-5580-KA
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For 97-02 Ford Expedition 2WD Rear Air Ride Suspension Air Spring

Fit for

1997 - 2002  Ford    Expedition    2WD - Rear
1998 - 2002  Lincoln    Navigator    2WD - Rear

Reference OE/OEM Number

3U2Z-5580-KA, F75Z5A891AC,3U2Z5580KA


Brand New


1 piece (for rear left or right)


1 year Warranty


-1 Year Warranty

-Mates with OE Air Lines

-Designed for Comfort Suspension


- These air suspension bags are aftermarket ones. They will replace the original rear air springs.

-Instruction is not included. Professional installation is recommended

-Contact us please for whatever we can help

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Year Make Model Submodel Variant Trim Engine
2005LincolnNavigator-- [1997-2006] SUV5408ccm 305HP 224KW (Petrol)
2004LincolnNavigator-- [1997-2006] SUV5408ccm 305HP 224KW (Petrol)
2003LincolnNavigator-- [1997-2006] SUV5408ccm 305HP 224KW (Petrol)
2002FordExpedition-- [1996-2002] SUV4598ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
2002FordExpedition-- [1996-2002] SUV5403ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
2002LincolnNavigator-- [1997-2006] SUV5403ccm 305HP 224KW (Petrol)
2002LincolnNavigator-- [1997-2006] SUV5408ccm 305HP 224KW (Petrol)
2001FordExpedition-- [1996-2002] SUV4598ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
2001FordExpedition-- [1996-2002] SUV5403ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
2001LincolnNavigator-- [1997-2006] SUV5403ccm 305HP 224KW (Petrol)
2000FordExpedition-- [1996-2002] SUV4598ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
2000FordExpedition-- [1996-2002] SUV5403ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
2000LincolnNavigator-- [1997-2006] SUV5403ccm 305HP 224KW (Petrol)
1999FordExpedition-- [1996-2002] SUV4598ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
1999FordExpedition-- [1996-2002] SUV5403ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
1999LincolnNavigator-- [1997-2006] SUV5403ccm 305HP 224KW (Petrol)
1999LincolnNavigator-- [1997-2006] SUV5408ccm 264HP 194KW (Petrol)
1998FordExpedition-- [1996-2002] SUV4598ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
1998FordExpedition-- [1996-2002] SUV5403ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
1998LincolnNavigator-- [1997-2006] SUV5403ccm 305HP 224KW (Petrol)
1998LincolnNavigator-- [1997-2006] SUV5408ccm 234HP 172KW (Petrol)
1998LincolnNavigator-- [1997-2006] SUV5408ccm 264HP 194KW (Petrol)
1997FordExpedition-- [1996-2002] SUV4598ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
1997FordExpedition-- [1996-2002] SUV5403ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
1997LincolnNavigator-- [1997-2006] SUV5403ccm 305HP 224KW (Petrol)
1997LincolnNavigator-- [1997-2006] SUV5408ccm 234HP 172KW (Petrol)
1996FordExpedition-- [1996-2002] SUV4598ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
1996FordExpedition-- [1996-2002] SUV5403ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)