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For Fiat / Zastava 126 Straight-2 118mm Connecting Rod - High Performance 4340 EN24 H-Beam Conrod

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                                    For Fiat / Zastava 126 Straight-2 H-Beam Connecting Rod

 Type Forged 4340 EN24 Aircraft Chrome Moly Steel H-Beam Connecting Rod
 Quantity 1 set of 2 pieces
 Bolts Including Genuine ARP 2000 bolts
 Bolts size 5/16" ARP 2000 bolts
 Lubricants Without ARP Ultra Torque Assembly Lubricant
 Tolerance Balanced to +/- 1 gram in set
 Note Extra cost for upgrading to ARP L19 bolts
 Warranty 1 year
 Center to center l  ength

 118mm (Please send us an email if you want  120 / 124 / 126 / 130mm, or we will

 send 118 mm by default)

 Big end diameter 47.23mm
 Small end diameter 20.005mm


Key Feature

- Forged SAE 4340 Chrome Moly Steel for the highest strength and durability, dedicated for Racing

- Designed and processed by CNC machine.

- All big and small ends are finished with SUNNEN honing machine

- Precision alignment sleeves positively locate the rod cap, maintaining big end bore size and eliminating cap walk

- 100% X-rayed, sonic tested and magnafluxed

- Multi-stage heat treated

- Shot peened to relieve stress

- Come with the bronzed bushing suitable for the floating piston pin


For Fiat126Also called Zastava 1261972-19800.6L / 0.7L Straight-2


For Fiat 126


Car History

The For Fiat 126 is a city car introduced in October 1972 at the Turin Auto Show as a replacement for the For Fiat 500. Some were

produced in Bielsko-Bia艂a, Poland as the Polski For Fiat 126p until 2000. The 126 used much of the same mechanical

underpinnings and layout as its For Fiat 500 rear-engined predecessor with which it shared its wheelbase, but featured an all

new bodyshell closely resembling a scaled-down For Fiat 127.


Please feel free to contact us at SalesUS@Maxpeedingrods.com if you have any questions

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1964Fiat500-- [1957-2015]499ccm 15HP 11KW (Petrol)
1963Fiat500-- [1957-2015]499ccm 15HP 11KW (Petrol)
1962Fiat500-- [1957-2015]499ccm 15HP 11KW (Petrol)
1961Fiat500-- [1957-2015]476ccm 15HP 11KW (Petrol)
1961Fiat500-- [1957-2015]499ccm 15HP 11KW (Petrol)
1960Fiat500-- [1957-2015]476ccm 15HP 11KW (Petrol)
1960Fiat500-- [1957-2015]499ccm 15HP 11KW (Petrol)
1959Fiat500-- [1957-2015]476ccm 15HP 11KW (Petrol)
1958Fiat500-- [1957-2015]476ccm 15HP 11KW (Petrol)
1957Fiat500-- [1957-2015]476ccm 15HP 11KW (Petrol)