For BMW 3 Series 2.0L M47D20 E46 1999-2006 GT1749V Replacement Turbo Cartridge

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                    For BMW 3 Series 2.0L M47D20 E46 1999-2006 GT1749V Replacement Turbo Cartridge


Car Make

Car Model




Turbo Model

Car OEM No.

Part No.


3 Series


2.0L M47D20









 * Condition: 100% Brand New&Factory Balanced

 * Bearing Type: Journal Bearing

 * Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture above


 * Please confirm your old turbo part number matches up with one of the part numbers above

 * Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)

 * It is for repairing or rebuilding the complete turbo



For BMW 3 Series Racing Report
The 3-Series cars in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) and other touring car championships have been penalized under racing

rules for being rear-wheel drive and thus having better grip than its front-wheel drive competitors. For example, the 320si has been penalized

in the WTCC in previous seasons in order to keep the sport competitive with the rest of the grid. Despite these ballast weight penalties, the

320si's of the British, German and Italian/Spanish teams continually win races and points.However, in the middle of the 2002 European

Touring Car Championship (ETCC) season, FIA changed the handicap rules to add an extra 15 kg (33 lb) ballast to front-wheel drive cars

(such as the For Alfa Romeo 156) and the ballast in rear-wheel drive cars (including For BMW) was reduced by 15 kilograms (33 lb).


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