A technical cooperation agreement was dated December 18, 2018 between MaXpeedingrods and Yamaha and MaXpeedingrods Yamaha Racing Team was thus formed.

Youichi Ui, the Chief Technology Officer of YAMAHA said he had followed the MaXpeedingrods Maniac Racing Center since the beginning of 2018 and fully acknowledged the achievements made in the past two years and development direction of the Center. The cooperation in YAMAHA of 2019 was also discussed preliminarily.

MaXpeedingrods will have a deeper exchange with YAMAHA after the conclusion of technical cooperation agreement.

MaXpeedingrods will continue to adhere to “independent R&D” and have in-depth exchanges of know-how and study with YAMAHA’s technical team to learn from YAMAHA’s advanced technology. That would help taking the products and technology of MaXpeedingrods Racing Research Department to a high level and bring better products and brand-new technical experience to MaXpeedingrods’s fans. Success comes from concentration and happiness generates from sharing. We believe that MaXpeedingrods will take a new leap under the help of YAMAHA

Besides, MaXpeedingrods will be granted the exclusive agency to sell the vast majority of YAMAHA’s racing motorcycles. Next, MaXpeedingrods will use improved black technology to develop motorcycle parts that suitable for all models of YAMAHA and provide services of the best cost performance for motorcycle racing enthusiasts.

MaXpeedingrods Yamaha Racing Team will be the only team which Youichi Ui and his team will work for in the next three years, and also the only YAMAHA racing team that Mr. Youichi Ui serves as the Chief Technology Officer and provides professional technical support in the world in addition to YAMAHA Thailand Racing Team. We are so glad to have the technical support of Mr. Youichi Ui and his team.

MaXpeedingrods Yamaha Racing Team will be the top racing team of YAMAHA and have absolute superiority in racing motorcycles and technology in Asia with the entire core technical support from YAMAHA Racing. Moreover, YAMAHA Racing will provide the best technical training for technical team of our MaXpeedingrods Yamaha Racing Team to foster professional technicians who could better work for the Racing Team. We believe that MaXpeedingrods Yamaha Racing Team will make obvious progress in both driving technique and competitiveness as the deepening of exchange and cooperation with YAMAHA and cut a brilliant figure in the following major events to reveal the passion and charm of racing.

The conclusion of agreement marks the establishment of a long-term and stable strategic cooperation relationship between MaXpeedingrods and YAMAHA. MaXpeedingrods becomes a recognized member of YAMAHA and will perseveringly make joint efforts for the rapid, sustainable and healthy development of racing around the world.