K04-015 Turbo charger Kit for Audi A4 1.8T VW 1.8L 1781CC l4 GAS DOHC 1997-2004

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Item Specific:
1 x K04-015 Turbo Charger
for Audi    A4    1.8T    AEB/ANB/APU/AWT20v/AVJ    1995 - 1999
for Audi    A4 Quattro    1.8T    AEB/ANB/APU/AWT/AVJ/BEX    1999 -
for Audi    A4 Upgrade    1.8T         1995 - 
for Audi    A6    1.8T    AEB/ANB/APU/AWT    1997 - 1999
for Audi    A6 Quattro    1.8T    AEB/ANB/APU/AWT    1999 -
for VW    PASSAT    1.8T    AEB/ANB/APU/AWT    1999 -
for VW    PASSAT    1.8T    upgrade    1999 -

Inlet Diameter: 1.74" 
Outlet Diameter: 2" 
Oil Inlet: M12X1.5

Compressor Wheel:
Exducer: 1.97"
Mayor: 1.48"

Turbine Wheel:
Exducer: 1.65"
Mayor: 1.48"

Part Number:
53049880015;53049700015; 53039880005
53039700013, 53039880025; 53039880029
53039880073; 53039880005,058145703L
078145703B; 058145703K; 058145703J; 058145703N

1x Intercooler: 
Sise27" x 7" x 2.5"
Inlet/Outlet ports are 2.5"
Support up to 500HP for this intercooler size - tube and fin style.

1 x Front Mount Intercooler Piping Kits:
4 Pieces Bolt-on Lightweight Aluminized Mandrel Bent Piping
Increase Air Flow, Up to 10-20HP
High Pressure Silicone Hoses
Stainless Steel Clamps

1 x Type-RS Blow Off Valve:
Made of High Quality CNS Billet Aluminum

1 x  Turbo Manifold:
Direct Bolt on
T3 Turbo Flange fits T3 or T/T3 Turbocharger
5mm/38mm Wastegate Flange

1 x  Manual Turbo Boost Controller:
CNC Billet Aluminum Manual Turbo Boost Controller. Adjustable boost knob increases horsepower and torque, depends on boost level. Allows adjustable boost PSI setting, can be easily mount under the hood.
PSI Level: Up To 30 PSi Boost

1 x Oil Return Line& Oil Feed Line kit:
Turbo Oil Feed + Return Drain Line Kit Combo. It helps circulate oil from the turbo charger to the oil pan. The kit provides a anodized look, and gives a best cooling performance on your turbo and long lasting life.
Material: Stainless Steel Braided

Package Include:

1x k04-015 Turbocharger

1x Oil Feed Line

1x Oil Return Line

1x Turbo Intercooler

1x Tubo Boost Controller

1x Type-RS Blow Off Valve

1x BOV Adapter

1x Turbo Piping Kit

1x Turbo Manifold
( You will get exactly as shown in the picture )

Condition: 100% Brand New
Warranty: 1 Year 

* Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)
* For any needs please contact us.

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