Starter Motor For Toyota Hilux LN106 LN107 LN111 LN85 LN86 LN56 3.0L 2.8L Diesel

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for Toyota


4Runner LR60 eng.2L 2.4L Diesel 84-85;

4Runner LR61 eng.2L 2.4L Diesel 85-89;

4Runner LR61 eng.3L 2.8L Diesel 85-96;

Blizzard eng.L 2.2L Diesel 82-83;

Bundera LJ70 eng.2L-T 2.4L Diesel 85-91;

Dyna 150 Series LY211 eng. 3L 2.8L 94-01;

Dyna 150 Series LY230R eng. 5L 3.0L 01-05;

Dyna 150 Series LY61R eng. 2L 2.4L 88-95;

Dyna 150 Series LY61R eng. 3L 2.8L 88-95;

Hi-Ace LH11, LH20, LH30, LH50, LH60, LH70 eng.L 2.2L 81-84;

Hi-Ace LH51, LH61, LH71 eng.2L 2.4L 84-89;

Hi-Ace LH103, LH113, LH125 eng.3L 2.8L 89-00;

Hi-Ace LH162, LH172, LH184R eng.5L 3.0L 00-05;

Hi-Lux LN40, LN46R, LN55 eng.L 2.2L Diesel 79-89;

Hi-Lux LN56, LN60, LN61, LN65, LN65R, LN85, LN86 eng.2L 2.4L 83-97;

Hi-Lux LN86, LN106, LN106R, LN107, LN111, LN130, LN131, LN132 including Surf eng.3L 2.8L 89-97;

Hi-Lux LN147, LN165, LN167, LN172 eng.3L, 5LE 3.0L 97-05;


OEM Number: 28100-54032



12V, 2.0KW,  , CW, eng. L, 2L, 3L, 5L Diesel

Volts (v):12

Kilo Watts (KW): 2

Mount Hole Dia.(mm): 13.5/M12x1.5

Overall Length: 230

Mt. Hole Cnt. To Cnt. 135

Flange Diameter (mm): 82

Pinon Diameter (mm): 39.7

Nose Cone Length: 27

Out of Mesh Clearance: 15

Field Hsg. Dia. 76

Rotation: CW


Condition: Brand New


* Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)
* For any needs please contact us.

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