Pro 200 Vent Oil Catch Can Stainless Filter for Nissan Patrol Hilux Landcruiser

Product Code: OCC-ZC-2
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For crankcase ventilation ( Will fit any vehicle up to 250kw )
Specifically designed to accommodate the latest generation of turbo-charged engines
Allows flexible installation locations on the engine or in the engine compartment


-New stainless steel mesh filter, very easy to clean!
-2 Valves: With By-pass Valve integrated in the lid & Crank case pressure regulation valve
-Large inlet and outlet pipes
-Universal Catch Can will fit any vehicle. Hoses and fitting must be purchased as required from a hardware store.


- Highly adjustable mounting bracket can be swiveled 180 degrees around can
- Separate air and oil vapor by using a strategy to fling heavier oil and water particles outward to the sides of the can
- 25mm openings in and out, also has a 12.5mm oil return,which allows clean oil to drain back to the sump

-Pressure Vent In Cap To Prevent Over-Pressure In The Crank Case
  - Vacuum limiting valve to regulate vacuum in the can
  - Filter is easily cleanable and serviceable w/o disconnecting any hoses.
- Filter the air from your crankcase and separate harmful oil from your inlet system stops oil entering the turbo and keeps the i-nlet track free from sludge

Quantity: 1 * Oil Catch Can
Warranty: 1 Year

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