Oil Catch Can Cans plastic Tank WITH Stainless Filter Pressure Valve

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For crankcase ventilation ( Will fit any vehicle )
Specifically designed to accommodate the latest generation of turbo-charged engines
Allows flexible installation locations on the engine or in the engine compartment



-New stainless steel mesh filter, very easy to clean!
-Pressure Relief Valve
-Large inlet and outlet pipes
-Universal Catch Can will fit any vehicle. Hoses and fitting must be purchased as required from a hardware store.

-Strong and light plastic construction

-Highly efficient oil separation as a closed and an open system ( providing ideal protection for the turbocharger and other components installed downstream )

-Low pressure loss , No electrical energy required

-Less motor oil consumption in comparison ( less efficient separators or conventional open systems )

-Fittings are not removed during element maintenance ( a cap at the top allows full access inside w/o disconnecting a single hose )


- Highly adjustable mounting bracket can be swiveled 180 degrees around can
- Separate air and oil vapor by using a strategy to fling heavier oil and water particles outward to the sides of the can
- 25mm openings in and out, also has a 12.5mm oil return,which allows clean oil to drain back to the sump
- Pressure vent in cap to prevent over-pressure in the crank case
- Vacuum limiting valve to regulate vacuum in the can
- Pressure vent in cap to prevent over-pressure in the crank case
- Filter is easily cleanable and serviceable w/o disconnecting any hoses.
- Filter the air from your crankcase and separate harmful oil from your inlet system stops oil entering the turbo and keeps the i-nlet track free from sludge

-By installing an Oil Catch Can on your turbo car, you're preventing those oil vapors from collecting on the inside of your intake manifold, helping you keep the need for media blasting intake cleaning spaced as far apart as possible. While a catch can won't totally eliminate the need to clean the intake forever, it'll go a long way towards keeping the intake clean for a long time, thereby allowing your engine to perform at its best for the longest period of time.

Quantity: 1 * Oil Catch Can
Warranty: Yes

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