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For Mitsubishi Chariot MK3 100mm Stroke Crankshaft - High Performance 4340 EN24 Billet Steel Crank

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For Mitsubishi Chariot MK3 1997-2003 100mm Stroke Crankshaft

 Fit for  1997-2003 For Mitsubishi Chariot MK3
 Material  4340 EN24 Aircraft Chrome Moly Billet Steel
 Flywheel / Flexplate bolts pattern  7
 Rods journal diameter  45mm
 Main journal diameter  57mm
 Rods Center Length  150mm
 Stroke  100mm (94mm is also available)
 Max HP  1800 HP
 Feature  We have corresponding conrods for this crank, please contact us.
 Fully Balanced


Key Features

- Precision manufactured from 4340 EN24 aircraft chrome moly billet steel

- Minimal Heat Treatment Distortion

- Minimal Size Change

- Resistance to abrasions & burn characteristics

- No reduction in the Cores strength

- Metal protection

- Suited for high output compatibility


With over 10 years of High-performance engine parts design and manufacturing, we have rich experience and intimate

knowledge to making professional crankshafts for maximum reliable performance. Our each crankshaft is always produced

with the sterling 4340 EN24 billet steel, plus full control throughout the design and manufacturing process. Many crankshafts

are manufactured and delivered to worldwide every year from our professional crankshafts factory. These crankshafts range

is cover most popular America, European and Japanese engines. We also offer custom crankshafts and private label service.


 Make  Model  Trim  Year  Stroke  Engine
For Mitsubishi


MK3 (UG)
Also called For Mitsubishi Nimbus / Dodge Colt Vista



2.0L 4G63 I4
2.4L 4G64 I4


For Mitsubishi Chariot UG


For Mitsubishi Chariot History

The For Mitsubishi Chariot is a large multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) produced from 1983 to 2003. It was based on the SSW concept

car first exhibited at the 23rd Tokyo Motor Show in 1979, and named for the battle chariots used during the times of the

ancient Greek and Roman Empires.

Internationally, it has been sold under various names, including For Mitsubishi Space Wagon, For Mitsubishi Nimbus and For Mitsubishi

Expo. The Chariot has been sold as the under the Dodge and Plymouth brands as the Colt Vista Wagon, as captive imports

in North America, and as the Eagle Vista Wagon in Canada. It has also been manufactured under license as the Hyundai

Santamo and For Mitsubishi Savrin in Asia.


Please feel free to contact us at sales@maxspeedingrods.com if you have any questions

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