For Mercedes Benz X164 GL-CLASS 1643201025 Rear Suspension Air Spring Bag

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             For Mercedes Benz X164 GL-CLASS 1643201025 Rear Suspension Air Spring Bag

 Fit for Mercedes Benz GL-CLASS 2006-2012 
 Platform X164
 Reference OE /
 OEM Number
 A 164 320 10 25
 Condition Brand New
 Quantity 1 piece (for rear left or right side)
 Warranty  1 year Warranty
 Features * Mates with OE Air Lines
 * D esigned for Comfort Suspension
 Notice * These Air Suspension bags are aftermarket ones. They will replace the original rear Air springs.
 * Instruction is not included. Professional installation is recommended



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Year Make Model Submodel Variant Trim Engine
2011Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2011] SUV5461ccm 388HP 285KW (Petrol)
2011Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2011] SUV6208ccm 510HP 375KW (Petrol)
2011Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2016] SUV2987ccm 190HP 140KW (Diesel)
2011Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2016] SUV2987ccm 224HP 165KW (Diesel)
2011Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2016] SUV3996ccm 306HP 225KW (Diesel)
2010Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2011] SUV4966ccm 306HP 225KW (Petrol)
2010Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2011] SUV5461ccm 388HP 285KW (Petrol)
2010Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2011] SUV6208ccm 510HP 375KW (Petrol)
2010Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2016] SUV2987ccm 190HP 140KW (Diesel)
2010Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2016] SUV2987ccm 224HP 165KW (Diesel)
2010Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2016] SUV3996ccm 306HP 225KW (Diesel)
2009Mercedes-BenzGL-ClassX164 [2006-2016] SUV2987ccm 224HP 165KW (Diesel)
2009Mercedes-BenzGL-ClassX164 [2006-2016] SUV3996ccm 306HP 225KW (Diesel)
2009Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2011] SUV4966ccm 306HP 225KW (Petrol)
2009Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2011] SUV5461ccm 388HP 285KW (Petrol)
2009Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2011] SUV6208ccm 510HP 375KW (Petrol)
2009Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2016] SUV2987ccm 190HP 140KW (Diesel)
2009Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2016] SUV2987ccm 224HP 165KW (Diesel)
2009Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2016] SUV3996ccm 306HP 225KW (Diesel)
2008Mercedes-BenzGL-ClassX164 [2006-2016] SUV2987ccm 224HP 165KW (Diesel)
2008Mercedes-BenzGL-ClassX164 [2006-2016] SUV3996ccm 306HP 225KW (Diesel)
2008Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2011] SUV4966ccm 306HP 225KW (Petrol)
2008Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2011] SUV5461ccm 388HP 285KW (Petrol)
2008Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2011] SUV6208ccm 510HP 375KW (Petrol)
2008Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2016] SUV2987ccm 190HP 140KW (Diesel)
2008Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2016] SUV2987ccm 224HP 165KW (Diesel)
2008Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2016] SUV3996ccm 306HP 225KW (Diesel)
2007Mercedes-BenzGL-ClassX164 [2006-2016] SUV2987ccm 224HP 165KW (Diesel)
2007Mercedes-BenzGL-ClassX164 [2006-2016] SUV3996ccm 306HP 225KW (Diesel)
2007Mercedes-BenzM-ClassW164 [2005-2011] SUV4966ccm 306HP 225KW (Petrol)