Fit for BMW M60 M62 V8 VANOS Timing Setting Locking Camshaft Tool Kit Set Master Kit

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Camshaft Alignment Vanos Timing Locking Tool Kit For BMW M60/M62/M62TU


A comprehensive toolset for BMW M60 camshaft timing and VANOS timing on M62 engines. M60 M62 camshaft alignment, timing tools to time the camshafts in M60 and M62 engines. 


Package Included:

M60, M62 Camshaft alignment/timing tools

M62 Vanos camshaft timing tool

Rigid chain tensioner

Vanos electromagnetic valve socket

Chain tensioning bracket trestle

Top dead center pin

Engine codes:

M60, M62, M60B30, M60B40, M62TUB35, M62B35, M62B44


Application for:

M60B30: 1993-1995 E34 530i, 1992-1994 E32 730i, 1994-1996 E38 730i;
M60B40: 1993-1995 E34 540i, 1992-1994 E32 740i, 1994-1996 E38 740i 1992-1996 E31 840i;
M62B35: 1996-1997 E39 535i, 1994-1997 E38 735i/735iL; 
M62TUB35: 1998-2001 E38 735i/735iL, 1998-2003 E39 535i;
M62B44: 1996-1998 E39 540i, 1994-1998 E38 740i/740iL, 1994-1999 E31 840Ci; 
M62TUB44: 1998-2003 E39 540i, 1998-2001 E38 740i/740iL, 1999-2003 E53 X5 4.4i
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