For EGR Valve for Ford Fiesta Fusion 1.4 TDCI 51 KW 1333611 1682736 2004-2012

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EGR Valve for For Ford Fiesta Fusion 1.4 TDCI 51 KW 1333611 1682736 2004-2012

Part Number MakeModelEngine CodeYear




For FordFiesta V JH_,JD_ 1.4 TDCi2001-2008
For Ford Fiesta Van   1.4 TDCi    2009 - 2015
For Ford Fiesta Van  1.4 TDCi    2010 - 2015 
 For Ford  Fiesta VI  1.4 TDCi   2010 - 2015
 For Ford  Fiesta VI   1.4 TDCi    2009 - 2015 
For FordFusion JU_  1.4 TDCi    2002 - 2015

 Condition: 100% Brand New
 Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture above

 * Please confirm your old turbo part number matches up with one of the part numbers above
 * Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included).


Please feel free to contact us at SalesUS@Maxpeedingrods.com if you have any questions

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2015CitroënC1PM_, PN_ [2005-2016] Hatchback1398ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2015CitroënC2JM_ [2003-2016] Hatchback1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2015PeugeotBipperAA_ [2008-2016] Box1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2014CitroënC1PM_, PN_ [2005-2016] Hatchback1398ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2014CitroënC2JM_ [2003-2016] Hatchback1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2014PeugeotBipperAA_ [2008-2016] Box1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2013CitroënC1PM_, PN_ [2005-2016] Hatchback1398ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2013CitroënC2JM_ [2003-2016] Hatchback1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2013CitroënNemoAA_ [2008-2016] Box1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2013FordFiesta-- [2009-2016]1399ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2013PeugeotBipperAA_ [2008-2016] Box1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2012CitroënC1PM_, PN_ [2005-2016] Hatchback1398ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2012CitroënC2JM_ [2003-2016] Hatchback1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2012CitroënNemoAA_ [2008-2016] Box1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2012FordFiesta-- [2009-2016]1399ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2012PeugeotBipperAA_ [2008-2016] Box1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2011CitroënC1PM_, PN_ [2005-2016] Hatchback1398ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2011CitroënC2JM_ [2003-2016] Hatchback1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2011CitroënNemoAA_ [2008-2016] Box1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2011FordFiesta-- [2009-2016]1399ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2011PeugeotBipperAA_ [2008-2016] Box1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2010CitroënC1PM_, PN_ [2005-2016] Hatchback1398ccm 54HP 40KW (Diesel)
2010CitroënC2JM_ [2003-2016] Hatchback1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2010CitroënC3 PlurielHB_ [2003-2016] Convertible1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2010CitroënNemoAA_ [2008-2016] Box1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2010FordFiesta-- [2009-2016]1399ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2010FordFiesta VMK V [2001-2010]1399ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2010Peugeot206-- [1999-2010]1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
2010PeugeotBipperAA_ [2008-2016] Box1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)