8m x 5000kg Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap Tie Down Trailer 10pcs aiduk

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General Load Securing and Tie Down




* Length: 8m/26.25ft
* Width: 50mm
* Package Include:  10pcs 
* 5000kg Minimum Breaking Strain
* Claw Hooks At Either End
* clamping and lashings: 2-piece, 
* Color: Yellow
* Professional lashing strap, tension belt, Ratschengurt for load securing.
* Material: 100% polyester with oversized metal ratchet, Supple Polyester Webbing, 
* Lashing Capacity : 5000kg lashing capacity
* European standard (EN-12195-2) quality
* Absorbent of Shocks, Strong, Reliable and Hard Wearing





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