For 410250 Inlet Type 2.5 inch Universal High Flow Stainless Catalytic Converter

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Ideal for use on vehicles prior to 1998 Vehicles after 1998 that require an O2 Port


Part Number: 410250
Inlet: 2.5"
Outlet: 2.5"
Overall Length: 11"
Body Length: N/A
Body Type: 4" Round
Model: Universal Converter
Material: T409 Stainless Steel
Substrate: Ceramic - 400 cell
Engine Limit: 5.9L
Test Weight: 6000 Lbs.
Engine Limit: Not for use in California
Test Weight: 
Not for use in California


 Not legal for sale in California !!
 If your vehicle is registered in California, do not purchase this part. 
 If your vehicle meets California requirements, but is not registered in California, this converter will work on your vehicle.
 Test Weight: Not for use in California

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