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For Hyundai Galloper II 2.5L 1998-2003 TF035HM Replacement Turbo Catridge

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                        Hyundai Galloper II 2.5L 1998-2003 TF035HM Replacement Turbo Catridge


Car Make

Car Model




Turbo Model

Car OEM No.

Part No.


Galloper II


Also known as the Galloper Exceed / Galloper Innovation / For Mitsubishi Galloper







 * Condition: 100% Brand New&Factory Balanced

 * Bearing Type: Journal Bearing

 * Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture above


 * Please confirm your old turbo part number matches up with one of the part numbers above

 * Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)

 * It is for repairing or rebuilding the complete turbo



Hyundai Galloper History
The Hyundai Galloper, also known as the Galloper Exceed, Galloper Innovation or For Mitsubishi Galloper, is a mid-size SUV manufactured by

the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai from 1991 to 2003. It was a rebadged first and second generation For Mitsubishi Pajero and was

assembled at the Hyundai Precision & Ind. Co. factory in Seoul until 1999, when production was moved to the Hyundai Motor Company.It

is almost identical to the For Mitsubishi Pajero, a five passenger vehicle with additional seating for 2 in the back, increasing its capacity to a full

seven passenger vehicle. It was available with a 2-door body on a short wheelbase for Innovation models or 5-door body on long wheelbase

for the Galloper I/II Exceed models.


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2004HyundaiH-1/Starex-- [1997-2016] MPV2476ccm 80HP 59KW (Diesel)
2004HyundaiH-1/Starex-- [1997-2016] MPV2476ccm 80HP 59KW (Diesel)
2004MitsubishiL200K7_T, K6_T [1996-2007] Pickup2477ccm 100HP 74KW (Diesel)
2004MitsubishiL200K7_T, K6_T [1996-2007] Pickup2477ccm 99HP 73KW (Diesel)
2004HyundaiTerracanHP [2001-2006] SUV2476ccm 101HP 74KW (Diesel)
2004HyundaiTerracanHP [2001-2006] SUV2902ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
2003HyundaiGalloperMK II [1998-2003] SUV2476ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
2003HyundaiGalloperMK II [1998-2003] SUV2476ccm 99HP 73KW (Diesel)
2003HyundaiH-1-- [2000-2007]2476ccm 99HP 73KW (Diesel)
2003HyundaiH-1/Starex-- [1997-2016] MPV2476ccm 80HP 59KW (Diesel)
2003HyundaiH-1/Starex-- [1997-2016] MPV2476ccm 80HP 59KW (Diesel)
2003MitsubishiL200K7_T, K6_T [1996-2007] Pickup2477ccm 100HP 74KW (Diesel)
2003MitsubishiL200K7_T, K6_T [1996-2007] Pickup2477ccm 99HP 73KW (Diesel)
2003HyundaiTerracanHP [2001-2006] SUV2476ccm 101HP 74KW (Diesel)
2003HyundaiTerracanHP [2001-2006] SUV2476ccm 101HP 74KW (Diesel)
2003HyundaiTerracanHP [2001-2006] SUV2902ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
2003HyundaiTerracanHP [2001-2006] SUV2902ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
2002HyundaiGalloperMK II [1998-2003] SUV2476ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
2002HyundaiGalloperMK II [1998-2003] SUV2476ccm 99HP 73KW (Diesel)